Monday, January 5, 2009

Schools of Knowledge

Assalamu Aleikum,

I was in the car yesterday with a couple of friends, K and M, and we were brainstorming a project to get the youth in our community more active in giving back to the community and providing services. Don't get me wrong, we're not starting a sweatshop or anything like it, but expanding upon the foundations of a youth group already set in place.

As we were formulating, the idea came to us of our desire to create a School of Knowledge, much akin to the Universities of old where there existed a mentor-student relationship between those who had scholastic and religious knowledge, and experiences and those seeking to attain spiritual and intellectual enlightenment. Wouldn't that be ideal?! Imagine, at the heart of major cities worldwide, centers of study open to the public where vast open courtyards were filled with men and women, boys and girls scurrying around following a mentor, scribbling down every bit of information they could attain from him. Where men, women, and children could sit down in rooms laden with soft pillows, crimson curtains (with light shining through the opening), the fragrance of incense burning in the air, and discuss matters of life, death, scholastic work, and experience. Wouldn't that be ideal?

Think about it.

May peace be upon you.

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mayerz said...

I agree that is what the Muslim community needs. A place to brainstorm and progress our minds toward success. It will help us understand Islam and how to solve the problems we face to day. That is why our SAMY program can be the stepping stone of the revival of the school of knowledge in the Muslim community. Just imagine young following elders taking notes. old learning new things from the young. Expanding our knowledge of Islam and becoming leaders in this country.